The realization of active medical products is a highly demanding task, requiring experts in the field of software engineering, electronics and system engineering, usability experts and medical key opinion leaders.

Based on a thorough understanding of today's medical systems and in-house expertise, we transform the customer's requirements into easy-to-use products.
Surgical Navigation

One of our core expertise is the field of surgical navigation systems. We have realized systems in various medical fields like orthopedics, trauma, sports medicine and dental with aid of various measurement technologies and specific surgical and manufacturer demands.
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  • Optical navigation based on stereo-cameras from various manufacturers and based on various tracking methods.
  • Electro-magnetic navigation for intra-body areas, where no line-of-sight is possible, for example for sports medicine or for trauma applications.
  • Instrument design for interfacing the bone or for interfacing specific surgical instruments.
  • Software development to guide surgeons through the specific procedure and showing the relevant information during the surgery.
  • Engineering complete systems until market approval.
  • Supporting systems including a dedicated support database.
  • Supporting investors and strategic decisions in terms of new technologies in the area of navigation.
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Preoperative Planning

Surgeons can be aided by software which performs preoperative planning on digital radiographs and construct 3D models or prototypes of various orthopaedic pathologies.
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  • CT based planning with slice image display
  • Web based planning on radiographic images and visualization
Software Development

Software development in the domain of today's medical regulations is a demanding task. Various clients trust our competence and allow us to support their medical system with Medivation's software and supporting tools.

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  • Medical software development under ISO 13485 until CE and FDA market approval.
  • Extensive experience with software for surgical systems.
  • GUI Applications on all main operating systems including Linux.
  • Web-based planning and database systems.
  • Verification & validation of medical software.
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Medical System Engineering

We manage the complexity of developing medical systems including software development, instrument development and system development under full ISO 13485 compliance.

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  • Engineering of complete medical systems under ISO 13485 including electrical and EMC requirements until market approval.
  • Production requirements and competence of producing systems in small quantities.
  • Different operating room settings and its specific requirements to medical systems.
  • Usability aspects within today's operating room environments.
  • Support of medical systems after market approval.
Patient Specific Solutions

Medivation has developed a unique patient specific cut block system for orthopedic procedures and is currently marketing this system within the European market. We understand and manage all issues arising in this topic and are engineering software solutions for implant manufacturers in this highly growing field.

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  • 3D printing production processes and its validation for single-use patient-individual usage.
  • Web-based planning solutions for surgeons and its software validation.
  • Patient-specific cut blocks for orthopedic usage.
  • Running secure web-services for medical applications.