In collaboration with academic and clinical research partners Medivation is developing own products and proprietary technology leading to radical innovation in the fields of computer-assisted surgery, planning and imaging.
3X Plan

3X Plan enables to get an accurate 3D reconstruction of the joint with only 2 standard x-rays. On the base of this technology Medivation is developing 3D planning solutions for the Orthopedic market. The first applications will be a hip- and knee prostheses planning system which will be available in 2017.

Currently, this technology is in clinical validation.

Medivation aims to bring a radically small and low-cost tracking system into the market suitable for a certain subset of Orthopedic and other applications.

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  • The tracking system works wireless and will be produced as a single-use device.
  • The unique and patented technology has been developed with renowned institutes in Switzerland.
  • Currently, Medivation is developing different applications which have to remain secret for business purposes.
Image Processing and Statistical Modelling

Our inhouse processing pipeline enables us to efficiently manage CT and MRI data and to produce statistical models for various applications like implant design or statistical evaluations of specific landmarks. More information is available in the whitepaper below.